Condition Abreviations

AR Archival Repair MTE Middle Top Edge
BE Bottom Edge MTC Image Mounted on Cardboard
BLC Bottom Left Corner PCI Paper Clip Impression
BRC Bottom Right Corner PH Pin Hole
CAP Caption Out of Registration RC Right Corner
CC Clipped Corner RE Right Edge
CF Center Fold SC Surface Creases
CR Crease S Soiled 
DC Diagonal Crease SE Soiled Edges
ED Edge Damage SH Staple Holes
EN Edge Nick SMH Small Hole
ES Edge Stain SM Smudge
F Fold ST Stain
FX Foxing T Tear
GSR Glue Stains on Reverse TE Top Edge
IF Image Flaking from Paper TLC Top Left Corner
ITE Irregularly Trimmed Edge TRC Top Right Corner
LE Left Edge TR Trimmed
MBE Middle Bottom Edge TS Thin Spots

Contact Information

Wayne H. Dunn

Telephone:    (949) 582-7686
Address:        P O Box 3902, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

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Last modified: September 16, 2008